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Spencer Road Interchange to be done in two phases, possibly years apart

Posted by Steven Hurdle on August 12, 2008

There are several newsworthy things that came out of tonight’s Transportation and Public Works committee meeting, but the most unexpected was the revelation that the Spencer Road Interchange will now be built in two phases, with many (perhaps all) of the on-ramps and off-ramps now not included in the initial design. This will affect traffic levels on Goldstream Ave along Langford Lake and down towards Leigh Road, as some highway traffic is routed through to Goldstream Ave.

There is no announced timeline for the second phase of the interchange, other than for it to be built when it’s deemed there is a traffic need for it. Whether this need is to be decided by City Hall, or by the developers who have pledged to pay back some of the cost of the interchange, and who “are now playing a bigger role in design and construction,” has not yet been announced.

There will be more on this issue, and a few other topics that came up at tonight’s meeting, in the coming days in Inside Langford.

Steven Hurdle


2 Responses to “Spencer Road Interchange to be done in two phases, possibly years apart”

  1. John L. said

    This gives the term taking a hand off approach a whole new meaning.
    I mean wasn’t this originally a full fledged interchange to lessen the impact of bear mountain on us lowlanders?
    Well, you know what rolls down hill, dont you? Sounds like some has ended up between the ears of council.

  2. Zoe said

    The interchange project was originally presented as being built in two phases, but the majority of the work was supposed to be done in the first phase. Now it sounds like they have scaled back the first phase drastically. And the bridge construction scheduled to start in March is now six months behind schedule. What a mess they’ve made of this project! And it sounds like it’s still going downhill (sorry for the pun.)


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